Those Crazy Kids & Their Polenta Pie


Rounding it off with a salad

So, I decided that I would try my own inexperienced hand at the polenta pie. I used the pink sauce as the base, which was not a good idea because it ended up drying up and you could hardly taste it. Next time, I’ll do it like the pros and spoon it on afterward.

Lesson learned! But all in all, it was really tasty. Richard prepared a salad, which I dressed a la Gna, and it felt like I was at home.

I definitely have some kinks to work out, but it’s a pretty good job for my first time! I’m a really self-assured vegan.



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3 responses to “Those Crazy Kids & Their Polenta Pie

  1. pinchevegan

    It looks so tasty and the mushrooms look amazing too!

  2. Chris

    You’re too funny! The food looks great. It was nice chatting the other day.


  3. gnavegan

    Anita se ve “super” que rica cena,con esa ensaladita tan fresca preparada por Rich,besos.

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