This vegan food blog was created as a way for three siblings in three different cities to keep in touch. The oldest brother in Miami, the middle brother in Boulder and the youngest sister in New York City.

Now, meet the authors!


The patriarch of our vegan clan. Like his mascot, the white crane, Christian soars above the rest in his devotion to vegan cooking and in his culinary abilities. Stationed in Miami, Florida, he is the oldest brother, multi-lingual and a wine sommelier! Impressive…


As Christian’s wife, Arlene assumes the role of matriarch. The couple went vegan almost two years ago and have patiently led the rest of our family towards the light and truth that is the vegan way. She is also an incredible cook, talented jewelry maker and una brava.


The middle child in the family, Javi became vegan recently while living in Colorado. He is always the one to have us all dying of laughter, is an inspired artist and all-around idea man.


Javi’s fiance, Michelle, also recently took up the religion of the vegetable. She is known for her ultra-sweet demeanor and her unbelievable patience when dealing with Javi. This girl deserves a medal.


The youngest child and only girl in the family, Anita has really lived the sweet life. She decided to make the switch to veganism on New Year’s Eve exactly at midnight and hasn’t looked back since. As a university student in the Big Apple, she is mainly concerned with making nutritious, quick and EASY meals.


Anita’s boyfriend of four and a half years (damn…), Richard is widely recognized for his model looks (some say he looks like a young Harrison Ford, Han Solo style) and his incredible bird’s nest of hair. Chris never misses the opportunity to poke some fun at that raccoon do’.

Gna and Abu:

The mother and father of this phenomenal family occasionally make guest appearances on the blog. While not completely vegan (yet!), they are slowly experimenting with new dishes and being initiated into the cult of the V. Quick, someone grab the hoods and ready the van! (UPDATE: We got Gna!)