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Le Crepe

It’s been too long my fellow vegans and vegan lovers but we have tons of delightful food to share.
We’ll start with this crepe made with chickpea flour and filled with balsamic mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, spinach and tomato. C’est deeeelish! We paired it with a potato, beet and red onion salad we learned from Gna. Our taste buds were speaking French!

Parlez vous crepe?

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Grown-up Lunch Box

Homemade avocado roll, broccoli & strawberries

So it’s sort of weird writing about the healthy lunch boxes I’ve packed, considering I am in the middle of finals week and about to head out for a big bagel. (The stress gets to me and the only remedy is a pint of vegan ice cream – seriously I ate an entire pint last night.)

I had been looking for bento boxes to start bringing lunch to the museum. I found a lot of cute ones, but they were all made of plastic and I’ve read enough about the potential side effects to just steer clear of it entirely.

Well, I ended up stumbling upon a stainless steel food carrier, also known as a tiffin. So I order the three tier model, which holds the perfect amount of food for one. You can click here for the link:

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Mexican Friday

Hongos en lugar de carnitas,salsa mejicana,guacamole y frijoles refritos caseros

El taco listo para comerlo.

Nada mas faltaron los Mariachis!!!


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Straight-up Bliss

"Vegan Bean Burrito"

"Vegan Bagel Delight"

I had been trying to take Ana out for brunch to Bliss Cafe near where I work for 3 weeks now and I was finally able to drag her out to Williamsburg to make it happen. It’s a really tiny space and we got squeezed into a corner about a foot away from the next table. We thought we were in the clear for about the first 10 minutes until an Eastern European couple walked in and sat next to us. The woman then preceeded to cough about 20 times during our meal. It was pretty annoying. Anyway, enough of our rant.

The delicious food distracted us from the germs being spread in our direction. The burrito was stuffed with mushrooms, black beans, really tasty vegan cheese and was served with vegan sour cream and a fresh salad. The Bagel Delight was some tasty tofu scramble over tempeh bacon and served with home fries.

We loved it!


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Rock & Ro… okay, enough of that.

Wish I had better lighting in the kitchen.

I had to write a paper today for a class I am taking on Medieval Manuscripts, but I still set aside the time to make a healthy dinner (and to post about it¬†apparently, since it still isn’t done). Anyway, I put together a sweet potato & avocado roll, made with brown rice. I roasted the sweet potato, which had been cut into 1/2″ wide strips and simply rolled it up. With no mat or seran wrap, mind you.

Oh and I served it with tamari, or wheat-free soy sauce since I may be allergic to gluten. Still trying to figure it out.

So, wish me luck on this paper. Only two pages left!


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Guilty Thieves

We took this recipe for stuffed portobello mushrooms from the blog, Guilty Kitchen.

We followed the blog author’s suggestions and served it over tomato sauce and quinoa. Except that we served it over my favorite pink sauce! And of course, we didn’t add the cheese that was called for in the recipe. Instead we sprinkled some bread crumbs over the mushrooms.

All in all, a very successful meal.



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Sigo probando recetas

Portobello salad with spicy mustard dressing

Salio muy rico,no parece carne?

Ya servido en el plato.

Asi sorprendo a Papa cuando viene de dar sus clases.


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who needs plates?

Richard has proven himself to be a master of the tostone. Just wanted to put that out there.

They are amazing. (More posts coming soon!)



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Probando recetas de mi libro

Double-sesame tofu with tahini sauce

Tempeh and sweet potato shepherd's pie


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Those Crazy Kids & Their Polenta Pie


Rounding it off with a salad

So, I decided that I would try my own inexperienced hand at the polenta pie. I used the pink sauce as the base, which was not a good idea because it ended up drying up and you could hardly taste it. Next time, I’ll do it like the pros and spoon it on afterward.

Lesson learned! But all in all, it was really tasty. Richard prepared a salad, which I dressed a la Gna, and it felt like I was at home.

I definitely have some kinks to work out, but it’s a pretty good job for my first time! I’m a really self-assured vegan.



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