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Polenta Pie

I’m currently addicted to Vegan Yum Yum’s pink sauce and trying to eat it every chance I get.  Which means that I’m trying to incorporate the sauce into every recipe I see. I mean any recipe. Thankfully, instead of resorting to adding it to my next batch of black beans, I found this polenta pie in the Moosewood Cookbook that I thought would work well with the sauce.  And work it did.  I changed a few things about the recipe. I added tomato sauce instead of sliced tomatoes and added the amazing sauce, first in dots until the addict in me took over at which point I started added gobs of it. See for yourself.

The goodness close up

The slice with the most sauce is mine!

The crust is made from polenta which you pre-bake in order for it to get crispy. Here’s a close up.

Crispy then soft


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Superheroes Need Breakfast Too

Here’s one of the breakfast meals from The Kind Life menu. It’s polenta with millet and corn, steamed kale with umeboshi plum vinegar and gomashio, and miso soup. After a breakfast like that, a superhero is ready to face anything, including the scale.

Everything tastes better in Japanese


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