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Mere Mortals One Week, Superheroes The Next

We apologize for not posting sooner but being a Superhero takes time and dedication. Neither of which we have.

After gaining a few pounds, we decided to return to The Kind Life basics and kick it Superhero style for a week. We haven’t been diligent about taking pictures of all the meals but here’s the first night’s dinner which is also my favorite of the entire week. It’s a quinoa salad, roasted veggies (fennel, celery, butternut squash, beets, parsnips, shallots) and tofu. For some reason the tofu recipe that she has for that night doesn’t work for us, we think she’s missing some part of the instructions so we just made our regular baked tofu. The whole thing is delicious – these roasted veggies take forever but go through a caramelized transformation that makes them amazingly delightful.

I apologize for the soy sauce all over the plate and the unprofessionally scattered parsley. We’re usually in such a starved state that we serve hastily and the plate ends up looking not too picture ready.

We'll clean up the plate next time

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