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The Muffin Strikes Back

This is the usual breakfast using those same english muffins. Toffuti/365 Jelly on one, and Peanut butter/365 Jelly on the other.

Latte to wash it down
Photo equipment upgrade!


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Superheroes Need Breakfast Too

Here’s one of the breakfast meals from The Kind Life menu. It’s polenta with millet and corn, steamed kale with umeboshi plum vinegar and gomashio, and miso soup. After a breakfast like that, a superhero is ready to face anything, including the scale.

Everything tastes better in Japanese


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Milking Almonds

We made our own almond milk and it was so rich and creamy. Much tastier than soy or rice and since it’s home made, it has none of the unnecessary ingredients they put into the commercial versions.  We used this recipe although we didn’t blanch them first, we just peeled them after they soaked. Not sure what’s quicker.  I still haven’t done anything with the leftover almond paste but I’ll post as soon as I find a use for it. So the breakfast pictured here is simple but what makes it special is the almond milk. Try it, again, it’s super easy.

Got almond?

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The Big 1 0

We’re celebrating Isaiah’s birthday so we started with his favorite homemade waffle with a twist. Chocolate chips and strawberries. It’s as good as it looks.

Happy 10th birthday

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