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Straight-up Bliss

"Vegan Bean Burrito"

"Vegan Bagel Delight"

I had been trying to take Ana out for brunch to Bliss Cafe near where I work for 3 weeks now and I was finally able to drag her out to Williamsburg to make it happen. It’s a really tiny space and we got squeezed into a corner about a foot away from the next table. We thought we were in the clear for about the first 10 minutes until an Eastern European couple walked in and sat next to us. The woman then preceeded to cough about 20 times during our meal. It was pretty annoying. Anyway, enough of our rant.

The delicious food distracted us from the germs being spread in our direction. The burrito was stuffed with mushrooms, black beans, really tasty vegan cheese and was served with vegan sour cream and a fresh salad. The Bagel Delight was some tasty tofu scramble over tempeh bacon and served with home fries.

We loved it!


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What is going on here? We followed Alicia’s instructions to a tee and our mochi look nothing like hers.

We need some serious help.

Our pathetic little mochi.


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Cluck & Crack Free Curry Sauce

Better than the original

This is our version of the mustard n’ curry sauce from our favorite non-vegan, take-out eatery Chicken Kitchen. We thought we would have to give their mayonnaise-based, crack-infused sauce up, but with the help of Ricardo el Magnifico, we found the recipe online and made substitutions accordingly.

So here is our vegan version:

12 tsp Organic Vegenaise

1 1/4 tsp Yellow Mustard

1/2 tsp Curry Powder

A little drizzle of Light Agave Nectar

(Add some water and stir if you want a runnier consistency)

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The Muffin Strikes Back

This is the usual breakfast using those same english muffins. Toffuti/365 Jelly on one, and Peanut butter/365 Jelly on the other.

Latte to wash it down
Photo equipment upgrade!


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Vegan BLT

Once Ana and I tried these english muffins (Food for Life – Sprouted 7 Grain) for breakfast we were hooked. They are hearty and work great as sandwich bread too. Highly┬árecommended.

Fakin' Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato


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