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Leftover Makeover

Hello everyone!

Check out what I made with the burrito leftovers. I added some brown basmati rice and some delicious roasted sweet potato a la Gna. 

I’m really proud of my achievements. I feel like a true vegan!!

My really really good dinner 🙂


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Chipotle Ain’t Got Nothing

I am ridiculously proud of the burrito I made today for lunch. From start to finish, it took 45 minutes, which I think is pretty good for a meal with so many elements! 

I used Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas, which are my favorite of all time. I made some cuban style black beans, with onion, red bell pepper, chili powder, a bay leaf and some garlic. I added this frozen corn salad I had made last week and basically just had vinegar and salt. I chopped some organic romaine lettuce into ribbons. And, finally I added mild salsa from Whole Foods that came in a little plastic container, like it had been prepared there. IT WAS SO GOOD. Highly recommended. 

And I served it with some lime slices. The tortilla got kind of crispy because I warmed it too long in the oven, so I ate it like a big taco. So good.

Doesn't that look delicious?


I cut my thumb while slicing the bell pepper. No pain, no gain right?


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Hey guys!

Just wanted to share some great news. Rich and I went to a ramen house on his block last night and when we started looking over the menu, we realized it is a MACROBIOTIC Japanese restaurant. Three doors down from Richard’s apartment. I am in heaven right now.

Check out the website:

Alicia's fantasy meal!

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We had a snow day at school today so I had some extra time on my hands and made some nishime using butternut squash, carrot and celery. 

Because the only seasoning in the recipe was shoyu, it came out sort of bland. I guess I could have used more shoyu but I didn’t want to overload on the sodium. Anyway, I’ll definitely be trying it again, with onion though.

Served with brown rice and scallions!


And look at the curvy snow woman we made! She was seven feet tall!


Here's everyone! I'm on the right.


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Peanut Butter Cups

reese's. eat your heart out!

We used Alicia Silverstone’s recipe for vegan peanut butter cups and offered some to our friends who came over for a get together. I’m always impressed by how easy they are to make and how nice they look.


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A Cugan Meal

Beans, Sweet potato and avocado salad!

Allright guys. I decided to remake Javi and Michelle’s cuban dinner. We couldn’t find plantains at Whole Foods, though. So, we decided to make some sweet potato as our starch.

It isn’t the most attractive meal in the world, but it was cheap (about four bucks a plate) and a healthier alternative to ordering in.

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Hey everybody!

Richard and I decided to create this blog so we could share our meal ideas and keep in touch all in one place!

We’re planning on making it look a lot steazier. Hope you guys like this whole idea!

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