The Versatile Lentil

Per Richard’s suggestion, we had lunch at the Green Gables Cafe. Christian had a soup and I had a lentil patty. It was tasty and seemed easy enough to make so I came home and decided to give it a whirl. I found this recipe from the Moosewood cookbook and made it twice. The first time was good but the second time was better because I added the Arlene sazon. It also happened that the second time Richard was here and just in time for lunch. So it came full circle; Richard, the lentil and us. One big happy lentil patty circle.

Patty party in a bun

Same patty with the cluck and crack free curry


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4 responses to “The Versatile Lentil

  1. gnavegan

    Me dio hambre,que bien armada quedo la hamburguesa,muy rico!!!

    No se olviden de firmar.

  2. Wow. I need to try this! Richard said it was delicious.

    • pinchevegan

      It was pretty easy cause I didn’t have some of the veggies she has on the recipe so I didn’t add the spinach and mushrooms and it still worked well.

  3. swisschard

    It was delicious! What kind of mustard were you using for your curry sauce? Your crack was more addictive than ours.

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