On A Roll

This picture does not do the roll justice.

I used some leftovers I had (butternut squash and brown rice) and decided to revamp them, with the help of my savory little friend Nori and what resulted was pure scrumptiousness.

To make it, I just roasted some 3/4 inch wide strips of butternut squash in the oven until they were tender. Then I just pressed the brown rice onto the nori sheet, added the squash and rolled it up with the grace of Masaharu Morimoto (at age five).

Served with some shoyu and a large house salad from the local Japanese restaurant (didn’t have the ingredients for ginger dressing). Perfection!


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2 responses to “On A Roll

  1. gnavegan

    Anita se que este plato es tuyo porque me contaste que lo ivas a hacer,pero muchas veces no se de quien de ustedes es algun plato nuevo,no se olviden de ponerle el nombre,gracias.
    Que bueno te salio,no se me habia ocurrido de hacerlos con zapallo,que rico!!!!!!.
    Ah!!! Anita creo que Arlene tiene la receta del dresing de la ensalada,besos.

  2. pinchevegan

    That’s such a good idea! I got a visual of you wearing a hachimaki and sweating dainty beads while concentrating on your roll.

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