The Superhero Diet & Self-Discovery

The best meal of the day: Fried Udon Noodles

Today was my first day on the Kind Diet’s superhero meal plan. I can’t say that I enjoyed most of the dishes (actually I wasn’t ecstatic about any), but I did learn about my personal tastes.

I now know I do not like pine nuts. I also learned about parsnips.


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3 responses to “The Superhero Diet & Self-Discovery

  1. gnavegan

    Se ve rico ese plato y saludable,besito.

  2. pinchevegan

    Pine nuts rock! Give them another chance. How did the roasted veggies come out?

  3. They came out okay. I think the oregano threw the flavors off a little bit, but it was still all right.

    By the way, today was the sushi night and I feel so full! Hope I didn’t overdo it with the veggie tempura.

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