Cluck & Crack Free Curry Sauce

Better than the original

This is our version of the mustard n’ curry sauce from our favorite non-vegan, take-out eatery Chicken Kitchen. We thought we would have to give their mayonnaise-based, crack-infused sauce up, but with the help of Ricardo el Magnifico, we found the recipe online and made substitutions accordingly.

So here is our vegan version:

12 tsp Organic Vegenaise

1 1/4 tsp Yellow Mustard

1/2 tsp Curry Powder

A little drizzle of Light Agave Nectar

(Add some water and stir if you want a runnier consistency)

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One response to “Cluck & Crack Free Curry Sauce

  1. pinchevegan

    That looks so good. I’m trying it today to go with lentil walnut burger patties. You guys are a hilarious team.

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