The Muffin Strikes Back

This is the usual breakfast using those same english muffins. Toffuti/365 Jelly on one, and Peanut butter/365 Jelly on the other.

Latte to wash it down
Photo equipment upgrade!


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4 responses to “The Muffin Strikes Back

  1. kaleindo

    Do you use Rich’s frother for the latte?

    • richardquintero

      I usually use the frother for lattes, but since i’m back in Miami I didn’t have one. I just gave the carton of soy milk a good shake before I poured it in. (Soy milk has been the only one that provides a good amount of foam. Almond milk doesn’t work as well.)

  2. So technical about his lattes.

    The pictures look so good with your new camera.

  3. pinchevegan

    Wow Rich, your posts were worth the wait! I’m not a fan of muffins or jelly but this post made me rethink that.

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