More Breakfast

This is another of the breakfast meals from the Superhero plan. This one is fried mochi drizzled with soy sauce and brown rice syrup with steamed collard greens with ume vinegar. We ate it with a miso soup not pictured here. I know I had promised to wipe the plates before taking pictures but here we go again.

Sweet and salty



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2 responses to “More Breakfast

  1. You guys make superhero breakfasts look so good! I’ve been eating way too much (vegan) junky food lately because of midterm stress and I want to use next week, back home, as a veggie rehab.

    If you guys have the time, can we have the second superhero lesson? I’m a much more experienced cook now! 😀

    • pinchevegan

      Her recipes are great that’s why they look good. We’d love to have you over! You can teach us a thing or two now.

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