Kale-ing Me Softly



Cooking the lentils in my stainless steel pot!


Ridiculously nutritious, bitches!!


Tonight’s dinner menu for one: 

Hearty lentil stew accompanied by some nutritious medium-grain brown rice and delightful oven-toasted kale. 

It came out really good except that I couldn’t finish the kale. It either is really filling or I used too much oil. I’m pretty sure it was my fault. But, besides that everything was totally delicious. I can’t believe I’m putting together meals like this in a six-person college suite on a school night. Crazy!



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2 responses to “Kale-ing Me Softly

  1. gnavegan

    Que bien te salio todo!! nunca probe el kale,se ve rico.Muchos besitos.

  2. pinchevegan

    You’re a rock star!

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