Hanging at GnAbu’s

We went to hang with the Gna and Abu. I feel like they Love, Love Me Do.  Going over there after A Hard Day’s Night is only Getting Better and they Don’t Let Me Down. As is the custom in their parts, they treated us like royalty. It’s so great, that I’d be there Eight Days a Week. The menu: potatoes, tabbouleh, hummus, field roast, red wine and a coconut bliss ending. My Little Child loved it and Do You Want To Know a Secret? If you haven’t already guessed it, we rocked The Beatles rock band.

Gracias Gna!



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5 responses to “Hanging at GnAbu’s

  1. gnavegan

    Me alegra mucho que les gustara la cena,nosotros los queremos mucho y siempre lo pasamos SUPER BIEN,besitos.

  2. Damn. That post is a testament to your genius.

  3. kaleindo

    Hey Roox,

    I just created my own account. Give me access when you get a chance so I can post too.

    Love u lots.


  4. Hey guys.

    This is unrelated to the post, but I was reading up on food photography tips and one of the biggest rules is to not use flash.

    I don’t really have the choice because I use my phone, but you guys should try it out. 🙂 Oh and I added Chris.

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